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SDGTalks Goal 15, Life on Land
SDGTalks Goal 15: Life on Land

This month our discussion are focus on how to conserve, restore, and encourage sustainable use of our ecosystems to promote biodiversity.

SDGtalks – Clean Water and Sanitation & Life Below Water
Goal 6:Clean Water and Sanitation & Goal 4: Life Below Water
This month our discussion covered how we can keep our waters clean, drinkable, and safe for it’s inhabitants.
Goal 4, Quality Education
Goal 4: Quality Education
Goal #4 looks at providing accessible and equitable education to all communities. This goal doesn’t stop at childhood education, it also encourages lifelong learning opportunities to people of all ages.
Goal 7, Affordable and Clean Energy
Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy
Goal #7 focuses on communities and individuals having access to reliable, affordable, and green energy solutions.
Goal 12: Responsible Consumption- Eco-Friendly Holiday Market
Goal 12: Responsible Consumption, Eco-Friendly Holiday Market
This market is focused on sustainable consumption and highlights local businesses in the area who align with one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. ⁠
Goal 1: No Poverty
Goal #1 is about ending poverty, in all forms, across the Globe. This talk will focus on what organizations in our community are doing to help the most vulnerable populations. Find More..
SDG Talk Goal 9, Industry Innovation and Infrastructure
Goal 9: Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
Goal #9 is about building resilient infrastructure, promoting sustainable industrialization, and fostering innovation. This month will be joined by an innovative group of local business owners who are prioritizing and promoting sustainability in our community.
Goal 16, Peace Justice & Strong Institutions
Goal 16: Peace Justice & Strong Institutions
This month we are exploring goal #16 – Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions. Join us and our panelists as we discuss what different organizations are doing to ensure the safety and security of our community and local businesses.
goal #11 – Sustainable Cities & Communities
Goal 11: Sustainable Cities & Communities
This month we are exploring goal #11 – Sustainable Cities & Communities. For this topic, we are diving into what makes our cities and communities sustainable. Sustainable communities are not only green - they are also inclusive, safe, and affordable.
Goal 13, Climate Action
Goal 13: Climate Action
This month we are exploring goal #13 – Climate Action! For this session, we will be hosting a diverse group of panelists with varying experiences connected to the topic of Climate Action. These panelists will give us inspiring insights on how we as individuals can make a positive impact on our planet by limiting the effects of climate change.
Goal 5, Gender Equality
Goal 5: Gender Equality
This month we are exploring goal #5, Gender Equality! For this session, we are excited to be hosting a fireside chat with Jenn Harper - Founder and CEO of Cheekbone Beauty. 
Sustainable Development Goal 10– Reduced Inequalities
Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities
For Black Heritage Month, the WRSBC has partnered with LiftOff to host SDGTalks on Sustainable Development Goal 10 – Reduced Inequalities. This event seeks to highlight Black entrepreneurs within the region, and the main staple of the event is a panel discussion where a combination of community members and organizations will be speaking about their experience and expertise with SDG 10.
SDG Talk Goal 3, Good Health & Wellbeing
Goal 3: Good Health & Wellbeing
This month we are exploring goal #3 – Good Health & Wellbeing.
It's hard to move forward, grow, and thrive when we are still exhausted from the last part of our journey. In this keynote, Dr. Jen will share her own journey with running on empty, its impact on health and well-being, and some great ways to reset your energy for a better 2023.
SDG Talk Goal 12, Responsible Consumption & Production
Goal 12: Responsible Consumption
This month we are exploring goal #12 – Responsible Consumption & Production. Join us on Dec. 13th, 2022, for our first-ever eco-friendly holiday market. Discover a variety of local vendors, each offering unique, sustainable products, perfect for gift-giving for any occasion.
SDG Talk Goal 8, Decent Work & Economic Growth
Goal 8: Decent Work & Economic Growth
This month we are exploring goal #8 – Decent Work & Economic Growth. Our focus for this event is to discuss means by which we can enhance decent work.
Sustainable Development Goal 2, Zero Hunger - SDG Talks
Goal 2: Zero Hunger
This month we are exploring goal #2 - Zero Hunger; A worldwide effort to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture. 
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