Idea Factory Mission

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Idea Factory is a first-of-its-kind collaborative incubator helping entrepreneurs tackle the world's most pressing challenges. If you're an entrepreneur or organization looking to be a force for good by impacting social or environmental innovation through the power of collaboration, join us on a journey of discovery in an environment that fosters breakthrough ideas.

Who’s in the SDG Idea Factory? 

The SDG Idea Factory brings together multiple small-business incubator programs into one ecosystem, supporting social and environmental innovators and equity deserving entrepreneurs. Our partners include: 

Waterloo Region Small Business Centre logo

Waterloo Region Small Business Centre

Lift Off Waterloo Wellington logo
LiftOff by CCAWR Waterloo Wellington
Waterloo Region Community Foundation logo
Waterloo Region Community Foundation
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The ForUsGirls Foundation
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K-W Oktoberfest
Mot Mot Mind
Mot Mot Mind
Bring on the Sunshine
Bring on the Sunshine

 Community Company
The Community Company


Why The SDG Idea Factory? 

We may think of a modern-day factory as a place that mass produces goods. But in its simplest form, a factory brings people together to advance innovation in order to build solutions better and faster. We believe the best outcomes happen when we’re working together.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 

The United Nations has adopted 17 goals as an urgent call to action for all countries — a blueprint for achieving global peace and prosperity. These goals are the foundation of the Idea Factory. Whether you know it or not, your business idea may be advancing one of these goals. Come join like-minded innovators who are building a brighter future.  

In particular, the Idea Factory is a commitment to Goal 17 — Partnerships for the Goals. Only when we work together can we make meaningful change and impact. 


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